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Uganda’s Street Foods Excursion and Road Trip

Uganda’s Street Foods Excursion

Uganda’s Street Foods Excursion and Road Trip.

Welcome to Uganda’s Street Foods Excursion and Road Trip! This will be your gateway welcome phrase you will right from the airport to the cities of Uganda! Uganda is a land of excitingly livening population, the most famous mode of transport being by road! Uganda hasn’t utilized most of her potential resources to put transportation on another level like how it can be in the western world, but sure you will be at your destination somewhat!

When you enter Uganda especially from wherever entry you use, we have too much street food, these include , roasted maize, roasted plantain, roasted liver, chapatti , Rolex, chips , roasted chicken, Goat , G-nuts , sugar cane and a lot other fruits , water melon , jack fruit, pineapple, passion fruit the list is endless.

Being In Uganda, it will open your mind towards the people of East Africa! Uganda has the friendliest, welcoming, warm, humble humans you can be around. During you transfers from the airport, the road not only used by vehicles but also commercial motor cycles, we call them “Boda Boda” these can drop and pick you anywhere by the main road or even inner routes, they normally range from 1000/= and above.

The most reliable being the Boda Company called “Safe Boda” you can download their app and you can access as many riders as you might need and you can select the most nearest to you.

One on one with the street food venders

Well, these at times can be very aggressive especially along the highway routes, Masaka, Jinja road, by a glance of a tour vehicle approaching to them, they will all swam in to bargain!! Don’t be scared! You only have to buy what interests you, these snacks are somewhat hot! Ready from fire! You can enjoy one of your choice, my favorite is the roasted chicken of Namawojolo on Jinja – Iganga – Mbale highway.

Here, you can have a stopover for recess and refreshments! Stretching of legs and the whole body before another road trip to your desired destination.

The famous Rolex!!

This is a must taste! Let me show you how it’s made from scratch, first of all, you will mix white flour, add any other vegetables granted is better, add a little butter, salt, roll it, make a relative round like shape, not very thin and not very thick, on a heated pan add a little cooking oil, slide on your raw chapatti, roast side by side.

When it’s ready it gets a roasted look on the surface, set it aside, beat your eggs add any spices you need , on a heated pan turn till ready, on top of the egg put our chapatti on it , then flit it over, Uganda’s Street Foods Excursion, you can add a little onion, tomato cabbage anything of your choice then roll it . You can choose to slice it into portions or give hard bites wrapped in a sandwich bag ….. Well, you can wash it down with any drink of your choice yeeepy…. that was your Rolex! And in Uganda regardless of where you can be, you can find it.

Now! Besides the Rolex, we have another street delicacy called kikomando!!! Now this is a mixture of baked beans and chapatti. Well, we have a lot to do with chapatti right! This street food costs from 1,000/= (50 cents) and above. Depending on the number of chapattis you will have in a bowl. But can’t go beyond 4,000/= (1 dollar).

This is normally consumes by people who don’t really like to cook or they are on a move or cost effective for meals. To spice it up, you can have a bowl of salads and other vegetables added.

Now let’s talk about the Ugandan pineapple!

Have you tasted this especially on a hot day? Well, this is why you need this road trip! For the street foods of Uganda! Like having it the mafia way, by the road side!

Roasted plantain-Uganda’s Street Foods Excursion

We all know how plantains can be prepared in different ways, in this context I really want you taste it roasted, whether you like ripened one or semi ripped, you will get it. Mostly four plantain will go for 1,000/= you can still add up with roasted liver or beef or goat any of your choice.

Let’s talk about Grasshoppers

These are seasonal and normally come in the rainy seasons, when it a season for these delicacies, after harvesting, they are prepared by removing its legs and wings, then pan fried! You can add a little salt and any other spices of your choice to taste. You can either eat this if you brave it.

This road trip is all about eating Uganda street foods and by the time we return to your hotel, it will be another memory in your lifetime.

This is a full-day road trip, you can have it before your main safari or after. At $60 per person.

Best of Uganda’s Street Foods Excursion and Road Trip