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Kidepo Valley Luxury and Mid-Range

Kidepo Valley Luxury and Mid-Range

Kidepo Valley Luxury and Mid-Range

Apoka safari lodge

Specifically  the only high end lodge facility found inside kidepo valley national park strategically located overlooking the Narus river valley with distant kidepo wilderness views of the savannah. The lodge built with everything hand men by the local craftsmen with only wooden materials. To avoid meddling with the natural appearance or the park.


Adere safari lodge a high end safari lodge perched on the edge of kidepo valley national park in a unique natural setting that also enables visitors enjoy the magic of seeing wildlife up-close. Additionally when simply relaxing by the pool giving you restful safari memories of Africa, worthwhile and transformational.



This wild and peaceful spot just outside the park border has only safari tents with hot solar-powered showers and huge cottages with prime views. Finally Installations have seen some wear and a small dining area with little windows takes little advantage of the cool setting. Lions occasionally hang out here.


Kidepo Savanna Lodge is our most recent accommodation. Not far away from Kidepo Valley National Park, the lodge is built on a hill called ‘Kawalokol’, which means ‘cave hill’ in the local Karamojong language. From this hill you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Narus Valley which is part of Kidepo Valley National Park.
Additionally you can see savannah elephants, African buffalo’s, oribi and defassa waterbucks very often. At dusk, night and early morning you have the chance to see striped jackals and you can hear lions roar and spotted hyenas ‘laugh’.
However, there are also various bird species like foxtail ravines and various songbirds. If you listen well, you can hear the African dwarf eagle at night.


This beautiful camp is located at the slopes of Mount Moroto. Additionally, it is in the beating heart of the Karamoja region.

Best of Kidepo Valley Luxury and Mid-Range

Our Safari Vehicles - Luxury 4x4 Land Cruiser Extended

All our Safari vehicles are Toyota Land-cruiser 4×4 with pop-up roofs. The vehicles are serviced and maintained to a very high standard before, during and after every safari. Paradise Adventure Vacations Ltd offering all-wheel drive safari vehicles suitable for off-road driving, which enable travelers to discover the magical areas of East Africa in a pleasant and reliable manner.

Our Safari Vehicles Seating Plan

Paradise Adventure Vacations

Electrical charging & power supply

All our safari vehicles have power / charging points. Please bring travel adaptors to ensure they are suitable for your appliances / devices

What happens if the jeep breaks down?

Our Safari vehicles are serviced and maintained to a very high standard before, during and after every safari. The age of the vehicles in our fleet varies but most were built between 2008 and 2013. If your vehicle does break down and it cannot be fixed on the road, we will request a rescue jeep which will come for you so that you can continue your safari with minimum impact. Whilst every effort is made to prevent this from happening, the driving is rough and the vehicles do take quite a pounding!

We believe in value for money. Every guest would like to have the most reliable and comfortable vehicles on safari. In response to the clients’ needs, we have a very strict vehicle replacement policy that ensures a young fleet at all times. We have a total fleet of 225 well-maintained motor vehicles, predominantly 4-wheel drives. This does away with the problem of sub-contracting vehicles and driver-guides, which may compromise the quality of services. Our safari vehicles are specifically converted for maximum space and comfort. All of them have hatched roof and sliding windows to facilitate good viewing and convenient photography during game drives and sight seeing.

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