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is Mountain Gorilla trekking etiquette?
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Mountain Gorilla trekking etiquette

Mountain Gorilla trekking etiquette to ensure that trekkers are safe from any threat and attacks from the gentle giants trekking guideline was made for trekkers. As well also to safeguard the endangered apes in their natural settings during the trekking activities. Though gorillas are fully habituated to trekking they’re wild animals that always react towards any threat. Before trekkers embark into the unpredictable montane tropical rain thick forests, should always adhere to follow the ranger’s instructions.


Limit of 8 visitors allowed to trek a single gorilla family daily. Team of mob visitors would disturb the apes. And emotionally damage the family and also limits Mountain Gorilla exposure to human illness. In case of any visitor with flu, cold or transferable illness forgo trekking activity to avoid infecting the apes.

A summit with a gorilla family you only have an hour in their presence.  Watch them at the distance of 7 meters and whenever gorillas tend to move closer slightly step back. To ensure the 7 meters.

Visitors with respiratory sicknesses like flu, cold cough, or any other contagious infection, forego the exercise. To avoid infecting the endangered species.

Silence should be ensured whenever with the gorillas. Sudden movements amidst the gorillas to ensure that they remain calm and relaxed.

Never litter in the park as this will lead to environmental pollution. Never eat, drink or attempt to smoke. While in the presence of the gorillas, don’t use flash photography cameras they can distract and threatens the gorillas. When encounter the gorillas keep your voices down until you are 200 m away from the gorillas’ location.

In case you want to use a bush toilet. Let the rangers know so that he can dig for you a hole that is 30 cm deep and then you close it after use. (Mountain Gorilla trekking etiquette)

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