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Horse Back Safaris

Horse Back Safaris

Horse Riding Safaris, when one is planning for a safari to Uganda. It is obvious that all he or she is looking at is visiting chimpanzees, trekking mountain gorillas, cultural encounters, hiking mountains, and bird watching. But horse riding is another way of exploring more of Uganda’s beauty. Its truly magical riding on a horse the savannah.

Horse riding in Uganda is extraordinary and above all a great cultural experience. Uganda is a beautiful and stunning country with a lot to offer to the tourists. Just like Sir Winston Church-hill called it “the Pearl of Africa”, no doubt it is.

The area around the River Nile is an exceptional area ideal for horseback riding. Then also riding through the many other breathtaking landscapes all over the country. Such as through pristine farmlands, tea and sugarcane plantations, the rain forests. And also through grasslands and plains among others. This gives you an unforgettable experience as you ride the horse accompanied by guided skilled horse guides. Below are some of the places where you can enjoy horseback riding while you are in Uganda.


Horse Riding in Lake Mburo National Park – Mihingo Safari Lodge

Horse riding safaris around Mihingo Safari Lodge in Lake Mburo National Park. Is also an incredible way to see wildlife and magnificent landscapes. Riding a horse makes you feel so much part of nature. And exposes you to hear so and much see a lot even the timid animals because there is no noise of the engine.

Viewing animals from a horse is peaceful and a totally exclusive experience than driving around the Park. While on the horse you can see the warthogs, elands, buffaloes, zebras, waterbucks, bushbucks, duikers, impalas, and topis. There are instances where a few people have spotted a leopard while on a horse, this is a rare sighting.

The horses here can carry a person weighing 100kg, .Although some horses can’t carry more than 85kn, please do not be offended when you are told to weigh yourself. But it is for the good of the horses to keep in good shape and strong backs. H

Horse rides in the Park are organized by Mihingo Lodge but you can organize with your tour operator who can do all the bookings on your behalf. You don’t need to be experienced to ride a horse since you have guides helping you out. Even first-time riders have amazing experiences.

But for the experienced riders, you can enjoy a 4hour ride through the grassy hills of Warukiri found in the middle of the National Park. While on this ridge you can view the surroundings including spectacular views of about 9 lakes which gives you a totally different feeling of the Park.


Horse Riding Around Kampala

There are a number of places around Kampala and in the outskirts of the city. Where you can enjoy horse riding from. The Flametree Stables is a stunning home for about 39 horses. Owned by an enthusiastic horse lover Miranda Bowser who moved from England. And settled in Uganda about 20 years ago. The staff is exceptionally professional, excellent, passionate, friendly and knowledgeable about everything about horses. And because of her love for horses has been teaching people how to ride horses hence coming up with the Flametree Stables. Horse Riding Safaris

Flametree Stables sits on 20 acres of land surrounded by numerous flora and fauna species. They are located in the countryside after the Gayaza town in Kijabijo Village along Kayunga Road.

All the horses here are well trained, healthy, well maintained, educated and also patient and gentle even to those that are riding a horse for the first time. Horse riding is available for those that what a one day experience and also those who want to carry out riding classes and very friendly and affordable rates.

The Speke Equestrian Centre is located at Speke Resort Munyonyo and provides very affordable horse riding packages which give you unforgettable experiences. Just like horse riding helps you relax, it also gives you a place of solitude whereby even if you are stressed the horse can be your friend. This Equestrian Centre provides you a clam environment ideal for riding horses.

They offer different horse riding packages ranging from pony rides favoring children, one-hour rides, private, shared, and group lessons. And each of these packages comes with affordable rates.


Horse Riding in Jinja

Horse riding in Jinja is done in more than two places, you can choose to join a group or ride as an individual. Riding a horse along the banks of River Nile, there world’s longest river is breathtaking. The ride starts from the source of the Nile, through various tea plantations and a number of communities;

it is truly an extraordinary experience. Horse riding lasts for an hour or two or three basing on the package you choose and this experience can be enjoyed either in the morning or in the afternoon. Horse Riding Safaris

There is also an opportunity of enjoying a horse safari by just walking for about an hour with the horse, this is better than riding the horse since you get to see a lot of things while on foot, take time to relax and in case you have children get enough time to share this experience with them as you enjoy the breeze and scenery of the Nile.


Tips for Horse Riding

Below are some of the tips that those going for horse riding safaris should consider;

Ensure that you wear properly the horse riding gear

Be confident while mounting the horse

Don’t sprawl. Relax and sit upright

Make sure you don’t hold the saddle horn

Focus. Keep your eyes where you are going

Be in charge of the horse. You are the one in control

Remember that you have to be free and gentle with the reins

In conclusion, riding horses is among the most magical experiences that last for a lifetime. Therefore ensure that you book your horseback riding safari to Uganda, get in touch with your tour operator so as to enjoy the most excellent time while in the Pearl of Africa. Horse Riding Safaris

Our Safari Vehicles - Luxury 4x4 Land Cruiser Extended

All our Safari vehicles are Toyota Land-cruiser 4×4 with pop-up roofs. The vehicles are serviced and maintained to a very high standard before, during and after every safari. Paradise Adventure Vacations Ltd offering all-wheel drive safari vehicles suitable for off-road driving, which enable travelers to discover the magical areas of East Africa in a pleasant and reliable manner.

Our Safari Vehicles Seating Plan

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All our safari vehicles have power / charging points. Please bring travel adaptors to ensure they are suitable for your appliances / devices

What happens if the jeep breaks down?

Our Safari vehicles are serviced and maintained to a very high standard before, during and after every safari. The age of the vehicles in our fleet varies but most were built between 2008 and 2013. If your vehicle does break down and it cannot be fixed on the road, we will request a rescue jeep which will come for you so that you can continue your safari with minimum impact. Whilst every effort is made to prevent this from happening, the driving is rough and the vehicles do take quite a pounding!

We believe in value for money. Every guest would like to have the most reliable and comfortable vehicles on safari. In response to the clients’ needs, we have a very strict vehicle replacement policy that ensures a young fleet at all times. We have a total fleet of 225 well-maintained motor vehicles, predominantly 4-wheel drives. This does away with the problem of sub-contracting vehicles and driver-guides, which may compromise the quality of services. Our safari vehicles are specifically converted for maximum space and comfort. All of them have hatched roof and sliding windows to facilitate good viewing and convenient photography during game drives and sight seeing.

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