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Africa Travel Blog and Tips by Paradise Adventure Vacations is the Tours and Travel Company based in Uganda and France but we Organize Uganda Safari Holiday Packages, Tanzania Safari Holiday Packages, Kenya Safari Holiday Packages, Rwanda Safari Holiday Packages, and Congo Safari Holiday Packages, Available tours range from budget, mid-range and Luxury.

Single-person day excursions to extended trips for large groups. Special activities include Gorilla tracking/chimpanzee trekking, sport fishing, mountain climbing, bird watching, Cultural Tours, white water rafting, Safaris and Excursions. We also offer Car hire services, Airport meet and greet assistance, Hotel and lodge booking, Air ticketing both Domestic and international.

Paradise Adventure Vacations would love to show you our beautiful country. On your Uganda safari with us you can see mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, elephants, an abundance of birds and much more. Go trekking in the jungle, search for big game on the savanna, spot hippos by the shores, climb mountains, chimps and gorilla trekking and discover the culture or relax in breathtaking nature. Africa Travel Blog and Tips

Paradise Adventure Vacations our aim is to give you an unforgettable experience to look back at for the rest of your life. We plan a safari to your wishes and have knowledgeable guides who will do their very best to show you Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

Best African Luxury classical safaris, Tours in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and offers theme-based packages and special interest tours, like gorilla and chimpanzee trekking tours, honeymoons, Safari Holidays in Uganda and all East African Countries, Wildlife Safari Tours, Game Drive and Boat Cruise Safaris, Africa Travel Blog and Tips

Mountain Climbing Safaris, Hotels and Lodges Booking, White water Rafting Safaris, Cultural Safaris of East Africa, Birding Tours of East Africa, Volunteering Safaris, Adventure Safari Tours, City tour in East Africa Countries, incentive group tours, tribal and    homestead tours, philanthropic tours, school/colleges groups and many more.

African Lions in the Jungle
What is so special about African Lions in the Jungle that he rules the jungle? African Lions in the Jungle, It is widely known among nature addicts that the lion is the king of the jungle. Whether or not the lioness is the queen is up to the king to decide, as for us we...
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Unforgettable experience in Queen Elizabeth
Once on your Unforgettable Experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park trip to Uganda you will really realize that Uganda is a pearl of Africa as it was named by Winston Churchill, who first called Uganda the Pearl of Africa in his 1908. Uganda is a home to very many phenomena some of which can’t be...
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Unforgettable Gorilla Trekking Destinations
In regards to Unforgettable Gorilla Trekking Destinations in Africa, Africa is the only place to go for gorilla tracking, three countries represent others in hosting these endangered apes these include Uganda (Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla forest national park) both parks are located in the south western part of Uganda and they...
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What to expect on a Gorilla trek
What to expect on a Gorilla trek in Mgahinga National Park is Uganda’s must-visit popularly known to be the second Gorilla hosting destination in Uganda if Bwindi impenetrable National Park, there are both located in the Southwestern part of Uganda on Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo bordering Virunga National park of Democratic...
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is Mountain Gorilla trekking etiquette?
Mountain Gorilla trekking etiquette to ensure that trekkers are safe from any threat and attacks from the gentle giants trekking guideline was made for trekkers. As well also to safeguard the endangered apes in their natural settings during the trekking activities. Though gorillas are fully habituated to trekking they’re wild animals that always react towards any...
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Are the mountain Gorillas aggressive animals?
Are the mountain Gorillas aggressive animals? The animals are most loved for their interactionism once encountered in their natural habitats. Are the mountain gorillas aggressive animals? Can gorillas attack people when trekking? If they are how safe are the trekkers of these aggressive and potentially dangerous wild animals? Many travelers/ people are curious about the...
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How long can gorilla trekking take
Mountain gorilla trekking always has been topped on the list of Africa’s most thrilling adventures.  A bigger number of tourists have picked the interest to have a chance finding themselves in the middle of the forests living along with the gentle giants. Gorilla trekking has remained possible in the forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park...
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What to carry for mountain gorilla
What to carry for mountain gorilla safaris in Uganda when you planning for mountain gorilla safaris it’s a process which goes through courses. After knowing where to trek gorillas, and securing the trekking a permit must also know what one must carry when planning for the adventure. Not like other adventure gorilla trekking is a...
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How to plan for mountain gorilla
Advisably it’s an echoing idea to make enough plans for mountain gorilla safari. The piece of leaving a deluxe divan and hurry into the erratic thick rugged forests in search of the wild forest giants, it’s some imaginative which doesn’t even caution on one’s profile. Before setting off for the mountain gorilla safari, have you...
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why you visit Uganda
Why you Visit Uganda Park? The unique tree climbing lions; The reason why you Visit Uganda Park, you can view more about the activities found in some of our sector like, Ishasha sector of the Park resides the famous and unique tree climbing lions, one of the major draw-back of the Park. It is not...
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