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Are the mountain Gorillas aggressive animals?

Are the mountain Gorillas aggressive animals?

The animals are most loved for their interactionism once encountered in their natural habitats. Are the mountain gorillas aggressive animals? Can gorillas attack people when trekking? If they are how safe are the trekkers of these aggressive and potentially dangerous wild animals? Many travelers/ people are curious about the issue of gorilla aggressiveness before rolling for the adventure. In real sense, this helps to understand how one could conduct themselves in case they have encountered the gorillas.

Mountain gorillas are low-dwelling primates and the hugest among all the other apes. Only can be located in the mountain forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Virunga Conservation Aare which is mutually shared among three parks which are the Virunga National Park of DR Congo, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of Uganda, and the famous Volcanoes National Park.

Mountain gorillas are very reserved and shy animals towards people, as well imitates much of human characters among which are communication, laughers, care, emotions, and security as they are believed to share almost 98% of human biological likeness (DNA). The apes live in families which are formed of several members under the leadership of a dominant silverback with other submissive black-backs, adult females, and cheerful juveniles. In their family composition, the silverbacks always stands to defend the family members from any kind of threat even till death. Mountain gorillas being humble apes but in case of any threat suspicion, they turn aggressive and dangerous towards the cause.

How trekker are kept safe amidst the aggressive mountain gorilla?

Well, everyone should know that mountain gorillas are very aggressive animals and can turn dangerous to people when threat is detected. Right from the time of Diana Fossey, she discovered that gorillas can hesitate their shy and aggressiveness only when they are trained to be used to human presence. So, the gorilla training process was introduced to combat both their shy and aggressive characters when encountered by people. Gorilla aggressiveness is much displayed whenever one family encounters another gorilla family as the silverback always are motivated at showing their mightier by defending its family members from attacks of other families.

Mountain gorillas can be dangerous but just need a special handling that can only display their social lifestyle towards people. The gorilla training process was embraced and done in all gorilla trekking parks, the process is commonly known as the habituation. Gorilla habituation starts as a follow-up of a new emerged gorilla group from the area where they have been encountered and continues for a period of not less than 2 years until there are assured of being used to human presence. Gorilla habituation is spare headed by a team of experts including primatologists, researchers, rangers, and trackers who hang onto studying a certain gorilla family.

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